With scientific medical researches, societies and communities progress and motivate.


The message of the conference is a call for the advancement of our society through academic and applied medical research, highlighting the scientific abilities of researchers and keeping update with scientific progress in clinical and basic medical fields.


1. Improving the quality of human health in the scope  of the current challenges.
2. Analyzing the current health situation and anticipating future changes and their effects on public health.
3. Motivation of  the scientific research attitudes  to meet the needs of the current and future generations.
4. A platform for exchanging information and scientific experiences.
5. Ensuring the effective participation of all by providing the best scientific results.

– (ICMS 2023) invites researchers and postgraduate students to an open forum where advanced in the area of clinical and basic medicine , other health scientific aspects , and informative medical techniques  .
– (ICMS 2023) will explore a comprehensive technical program including fair number of workshops , symposia and exhibition on clinical and basic medicine with the related health informative branches.